"It makes men out of slow-going, discouraged weaklings"

Long before Charles Atlas introduced the iconic “insult that made a man out of Mac,” there were these gems that regularly appeared in Vancouver newspapers. A lot could be said about these images, but I’ll let them speak for themselves.

<em>Province</em>, 30 September 1898

Province, 30 September 1898

<em>Province</em>, 17 September 1898

Province, 17 September 1898

<em>Province</em>, 19 October 1911

Province, 19 October 1911

<em>Province</em>, 24 October 1911

Province, 24 October 1911

<em>Province</em>, 27 October 1911

Province, 27 October 1911

<em>Province</em>, 21 October 1911

Province, 21 October 1911

<em>Province</em>, 18 October 1911

Province, 18 October 1911

For more on electric belts, see The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American by Carolyn Thomas de la Peña.

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