The Origins of Jazz in Vancouver (November 2015)

Early Vancouver Youth Gangs (July 2015)

The Lincoln Club (February 2015)

Handsome Harry Hooper (January 2015)

John L Sullivan, Champion of Champions (January 2015)

A Temple for Labour (October 2014)

100 Deathless Days (February 2012)

Summer of Yippie! (June 2011)

A Sporting Life (April 2011)

The Other Relief Camp Strike (February 2011)

Vancouver’s Red Army (December 2010)

The King of the Waterfront (November 2010)

The Most Dangerous Woman in the World (November 2010)

Waiting for Lefty (October 2010)

Acid Al (September 2010)

Crowd Control (July 2010)

Spying in Vancouver (July 2010)

Young Offenders (June 2010)

Sea Monsters (March 2010)

Chemical Warfare Comes to Vancouver (December 2009)

Street Fighting Men (November 2009)

Freemealin’ (September 2009)

Local Origins of the Drug War (August 2009)

Public Enemy No. 1 (August 2009)

The Great Vancouver Fire (August 2009)

Death of the Street Car (August 2009)

Bows and Arrows Hall (July 2009)

A Menace to Society (July 2009)

Confidence Men (July 2009)

Gangland Vancouver (April 2009)

Dealing with Drug Addiction (January 2009)

What Frankie Said (December 2008)

If It Ain’t Got that Swing (December 2008)

Clearing Hastings Townsite (September 2008)

Harm Reduction, ‘50s Style (August 2008)

Vancouver’s First Pot Trafficking Bust (August 2008)

The Dope Craze that’s Terrorizing Vancouver (August 2008)

Fighting for Civil Rights (July 2008)

Rebuilding a Neighbourhood (June 2008)

Vancouver’s Slum District (May 2008)

1907 Film of Vancouver (May 2008)

Fighting Labour (May 2008)

Skid Road (April 2008)

The Elusive Hogan’s Alley, Part 2 (April 2008)

It Makes Men out of Slow-going, Discouraged Weaklings (March 2008)

Vancouver Enters the Jazz Age (March 2008)

Cougar Hunting in Stanley Park (March 2008)

The Elusive Hogan’s Alley (March 2008)

Black and Blue, Life and Death (March 2008)

The Fascist History of the Lumbermen’s Building (March 2008)

Shrek in Vancouver (March 2008)

Zoot Suit Riots (March 2008)

5 thoughts on “Contents

  1. Looking for Vancouver history in north van jp fell armoury incident of a man killed by a 90 mm cannon about 1976? Air cadets who sold it off to amix salvage for 200 dollars it made a lot if nes but is forgotten love to find the story and as well on channel 8 dance party buddy clied and del erikson of vklg radio

  2. You wrote about the Hollywood Sanitarium in New Westminster. Is it still here on your blog? If not, could I get it somewhere. I have a distant family connection and it has got me interested. Thank you if you can help me.

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